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About the Tween Walk

Walk between New Brunswick and Metropark?

This is the fifth year the FreeWalkers and the East Coast Greenway have put together this 12.3-mile walk event scheduled for Saturday, April 18, 2015. It's called the "beTween Walk" (formerly called the "Tween Walk") because it provides a comfortable walk between the Great Canal Walk from Trenton to New Brunswick (4/11/15) and the Big Walk from Metropark to NYC (5/16/15). It's a convenient walk between two major rail stops (New Brunswick and Metropark Iselin, NJ) and across a well traveled areas in Middlesex County to:

1) Experience a Suburban Trail

Travel by foot along well-traveled roads in a populous area of the state. The trail parallels the Northeast Corridor rail lines for easy public transportation to the beginning and return at the end.

Strategically located between important urabn areas, the walk stars in New Brunswick and Highland Park which are two towns with a rich history back to Colonial times by bordering the Raritan River. The towns of Edison, Woodbridge, Metuchen and Iselin played an important role in 19th and 20th century industrialization and in military supplies and housing during WWII. Now the land in these counties has been claimed for residents, office parks and warehouses, as well as a high concentration of parks and schools.

2) Experience Distance Walking

It sounds a little crazy. Most of the time “walking” is just simply taken for granted or even avoided. Walking does not take a lot of physical strength and is the most natural of human exercise. In fact, we are blessed with a physique that almost begs to be used for this purpose. That said, a long distance walk does take a long time, burns up energy and requires patience, endurance and efficiency to finish. If you are already a runner or walker you may be able to walk further than you might think. This particular walk, while not long in comparison to other FreeWalker events, will still take most walkers over 4 hours to complete (or about a half-day event).

Recently, there has been much concern about our nation's health and the need to exercise to avoid disease and to live an active and satisfying lifestyle. Walking is an exercise that can be done by anyone; young and old. But, more than a simple exercise, walking can be a form or expression of community. By creating a public challenge we can demonstrate to others that we care about issues that involve building better individuals and communities. Here are a few of the objectives of  “The Tween Walk”:

  • Appreciate the benefits of walking and physical exercise
  • Experience the East Coast Greenway’s progress and opportunities available
  • Become aware of the pro-pedestrian movement and related issues
  • Create a new form of personal physical challenge – distance walking
  • Have some fun! Meet some people! Push your limits!

3) Complete a Major Part of the Cross-Jersey Walking Challenge

The beTween Walk is nearly all on the East Coast Greenway, except for the first half-mile from the New Brunswick Train Station to Rt27/River Rd Highland Park where we pick up the ECG trail. The ECG and towns along the way have improved the trail in recent years. Also, the 12 miles of this walk can be logged into your participation in the 100-mile Cross-Jersey Challenge. See for more details.