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The Fountain Sculpture - Light Dispelling Darkness

on Fri, 01/21/2011 - 16:51

"Light Dispelling Darkness" is a unique sculpture and fountain in Roosevelt Park, Edison NJ. The sculpture depicts a unified world where Science, Industry and Education dispel War, Famine, Pestilence, Death, Greed and Materialism.

Originally created as a WPA project in 1937, the art Deco terra cotta is by sculptor Waylande Gregory. As director of the New Jersey WPA. The Work Progress Administration (WPA) was one of the controversial ideas of FDR used to creat jobs during the Great Depression. Gregory began work on the monumental Light Dispelling Darkness which still stands in Roosevelt Park , Edison, NJ. It exhibits a heroic theme of combating evil through knowledge. It is a terracotta globe surrounding a shaft of relief figures of a scientist, artist, engineer, and industrial working-class people. On the outside are six arches and figures representing conquest, war, famine, death, greed and materialism fleeing the forces of science and knowledge. Out of the six figures, 4 of them contain the horses of the Apocalypse. This sculpture can be found near the entrance of Roosevelt Park. It is to the right of the Middlesex County war memoria

The Tween Walk will travel through Roosevelt Park and pass by this area for a close look at this sculpture.

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