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I’m not used to walking that long a distance. How can I train for the event?

While most individuals who are fairly physically fit should have no problem walking 10-12 miles, there are some points to note on long distance walking. The main difference in this type of distance walk is the hard surface, length of time and the number of repetitious steps. While walking is a much less intense form of exercise, you should consider that you'll be walking at least 4 hours, mostly on hard sidewalk concrete and road asphalt. The most common reason to not complete the distance is exhaustion and/or blisters and foot problems. These can be avoided by proper hydration, nutrition and carefully considering the right shoes. Even so, walking this distance can be a difficult task, although this 12.3-mile event is the shortest and easiest of the Cross-Jersey Walking Challenge events. The best form of training is to practice walking by starting a planned program of walking near your home and slowly building, week by week, to at least an 8 mile loop. There is specific information on training for the event available on the website under "Tips". why not start walking now?