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Isn’t walking in urban and marginalized industrial areas dangerous? How can I be sure that I’ll be safe if I walk?

The route that is planned for the walk is the current route of the East Coast Greenway Alliance which incorporates this area just above the Raritan River. The ECGA is a well-established organization with the ambitious objective of creating a 3,000-mile multi-use trail from Maine to Florida. We will be walking almost entirely on the East Coast Greenway’s route, except for the starting point at the train station in New Brunswick. Portions of the walk are comprised of city sidewalks, commercial roads as well as walkable paths, in parks. The route along the ECG meanders through suburban nature paths, to the middle of cities, while often traversing industrial areas on the city outskirts.
The area of our route should be safe provided walkers stay on the designated route obeying traffic laws. Some of the route will be clearly marked and most of the trail follows Woodbridge Ave. This year our route will be changed slightly for the better. A more natural trail section has been completed eliminating some of the walk along Woodbridge Ave. But, walkers should rely on the maps that will be provided for guidance. Since even parts of the marked route will have areas not frequented by pedestrians, all walkers are advised to use caution. Walkers who take part in this event should not walk alone and walk with the lead walkers, at our specifically designated locations. A schedule of time and places will be posted. Walkers should always be consciously aware of their surroundings and be visible to traffic.