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Walk Ten Miles+ between New Brunswick and Iselin

on Fri, 01/21/2011 - 16:51

Join in on this flat (actually, 12.3-mile) walk on Saturday, April 16, 20011, between New Brunswick and Metropark in Iselin along the East Coast Greenway. (Hence, the name "Tween Walk"). Its an urban/suburban walk on sidewalk along some fairly busy roads, through the bustling town of Highland Park and older neighborhoods in Edison. We walk down Woodbridge Avenue passing in front of Middlesex County College. The trail goes through the interesting and popular Roosevelt Park as you get close to Metropark. This walk may uncover some curious parts of Wierd NJ.

This is a group walk on April 16th that should be about 4.5 hours and is the connecting segment between the 40-mile Trenton to New Brunswick walk - TR2NB40 and the 50-mile Metropark to NYC NJ2NY50 so that you can make the total 100-mile distance for the Cross-Jersey Walking Challenge. See or the East Coast Greenway Multi-Use Trail Map of NJ for details on what route we will follow. Its a walk that's rated easy and most people should be able to walk the distance at their own pace. Walkers will start together and may pair up with each other. From there walkers can travel at their own comportable pace. It's also possible to join in or leave the walk at various points. See Mileage & Schedule for details.