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Why are you doing this event?

The event provides a way for the general public to participate together in a large-scale form of exercise while visiting a variety of communities and unique areas from a closer vantage point. In utilizing an available recreational resource, we hope to demonstrate the benefit of these types of resources to the public which we hope in turn will help guide future urban/suburban planning projects. We also hope to benefit The East Coast Greenway Alliance by promoting awareness, membership and donations to support its cause of creating and maintaining a 3,000 mile greenway along the entire U.S. East coast - from Maine to Key West.
Distance walking and "pedestrianism" is as old as mankind. It is as a result of our dependence on automobiles and other forms of transportation that our society has changed the look of its communities. In more recent times, commercial business and roads have marginalized our communities and caused us to limit the use of self-propelled travel. There are health and societal implications to our past policies. Our walking events follow a national movement to consider pedestrian traffic (walking and cycling) in all community and transportation projects.